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Piano Service for the South Coast


First-class tuning, regulation and repair service for grand and upright pianos in the home, venues, and studio.


Based in the Bournemouth and Poole area, also covering a 25 mile radius, including, Dorchester and Salisbury.

Existing customers from Exeter and East Devon also still covered.

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Whether your piano is a treasured family heirloom, a concert grand, a well used teaching piano, or maybe you have an old piano you just want brought back to a useable condition, I can offer a service to meet your needs and budget.




Your piano should be tuned at least once a year, not just to sound great, but to maintain the stability of the piano.


Neglected pianos will most likely need a pitch raise before being able to complete a fine tuning back to concert pitch, A440. 


I aim, where possible to tune pianos to concert pitch. At home, many players now are using online tutors or learning from youtube etc, so concert pitch is essential.


A standard tuning costs £80 and takes 

approximately 2hrs.


Pitch raise if required £25 to £65.

Large pitch raise (one semitone or more)




Regulation is the adjustment of the piano mechanics, to make the action perform and feel the best it can be.


With time, your piano action may feel uneven, sluggish and sometimes suffer from double striking hammers.  Many issues are particularly noticeable when playing softly.  


The alignment of the hammers may also need adjusting. When out of alignment, the hammers may not strike all unisons equally, causing poor and uneven tone. 


Generally, the action of an upright piano can be adjusted whilst still in position, however for a grand piano, the action is removed.




I am happy to give advice and to estimate for any repair no matter how small.


Faults such as sticking or jamming notes, squeaks or clicks in the mechanics can often be repaired simply at home. 


String replacements, loose tuning pins and bridge repairs are common repairs. I'm happy to rebuild actions and replace key bed felts.

Please enquire for other repair work.

If your piano piano has developed a uneven, harsh or metalic tone, I can re-voice your piano back to its original tone.


I can offer a reconditioning service to bring your piano back to life.

Repairs charged at £27.50 per hour.

David James,

8 Constitution Hill Gardens,



BH14 0PY

Tel: 07831 243 846



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